Tuesday, 3 July 2012

In Italy

Hey Guys

We made it to the Poppy Farmhouse in Piedmont, Italy after about 30 hours of travelling. Unfortunately our baggage didnt arrive when we got to Milan, so we have had to do a quick shop to buy some essentials. Not sur if or when we will see our luggage again.

Have settled into the Poppy farmhouse and have a busy day ahead... breakfast, lunch then cook school about 5 this evening.


  1. bugger - no baggage - no worry, it will turn up OK. There is bound to be a Prada and a Louis Vuitton shop near to where you are!
    Brett, get your wallet out.
    Hope the luggage turns up soon. Jess is worried that his birthday gift might be in it!!
    J & A

  2. thanks for the wonderful photos Julie - I love you too!
    It is cold and wet and yukky here...and am very jealous!
    Hope you got to your truck stop Brett.