Saturday, 4 August 2012

Hong Kong

Hi All

In HK, its is very hot and humid!. Hotel is great, good view of the harbour,  tram stop right outside, mrt 1 min walk, small supermarket across the road and a few of the small bakeries that they have here that make lots of savoury bready things that are good for breakfast. This morning breakfast was a bread roll with a savoury meat filling, for 4 it was only $15 hk, which is about $4 nz.
There also lots of neighbourhood type restarants, will try one tonight.

We are exploring on the tram, as you get a good view, the mrt is fast and efficient, but you dont see anything along the way. The bonus with the mrt  is that at least its air conditioned. At the moment we are in a small cafe most of the way up the mid levels, having a break in some airconditioning, a late lunch and using the free wi fi. Wi fi at the hotel is an exorbitant 130 hk a day! Lots of the free wi fi is linked to a hk cell phone acc, so without that free wi fi is hard to find.

Cheers, am going to find a market

B & J

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Paris night photography class

Julie shouted me a night photography class. I was the only student to turn up for the evening which made it so much better for us.

The tutor was a professional fashion photographer that did a lot of top level magizine work for the fashion industry.

Inside Versailles

Check out the inside of this place. These guys knew how to blow some bux on the out landish lifestyles.... no wonder it helped spark a revolution.

Versailles ques

We had to que for about half an hour to get t ticket then get into the ENTRY que which I reckon to be as long as 5 football fields long.

Check out the pix of the tour busses, at least 2 hundred of them.

We arrived by double decker train, which was jam packed on the way back into Paris in the evening.

If someone had told me that 200thousand people visit Versailles everyday, I would have not believed them, now I think they would be understating the volumes of tourists. We left to head home about 5pm in the evening and there were still people arriving and the entry que was down to the width of a footy field.


Gallerie Lafayette

Monday, 30 July 2012

Shopping in Paris

Hi All

Thanks for the comments. Shame to hear that its still raining in thr bay, hope it fines up before we come home! We arent used to rain any more. Went shopping at Galarie Lafayette today, one of the grand magasins of Paris. Amazing, all the high fashion labels for clothes, shoes, make up. Bought a wallet, shoes and a top, and had lunch in the tea salon. Insides its really amazing with an enormous glass dome in the centre of the roof and all the floors  circular below.

After that back on the hop on hop off bus for a tour around the Bastille and Marais areas. Its school holidays so there are lots of teenagers on the streets.

Brett is having a sleep, apparently hes a bit tired!! He will post some photos of the galarie when he has downloaded them. Flea market tomorrow am, Versailles, and in the evening Brett has a photography class.

Cheers all