Friday, 29 June 2012

Orlando on our own

Hey y,all

Julie and I hired a rental car today to do some exploring around Orlando. Was a little Chevrolet or a Suziki Swift in New Zealand. We picked a yellow one which came I n real handy when we were looking for it in car parks.

Driving was a bit scarey on the wrong side of the road, but we got used to it... Julie kept trying to press down on the brake pedal on her side of the car.

This evening we went to Old town Kissimee, which is a suburb of Orlando, they had a mini beach hop going on there with some really nice late model muscle cars on desplay and a street of shops with a lot of retro gear and goodies

Brett and Julie

Animal Kindom scenes

Some pics of Disney Aninal Kingdom park

Disney Animal Kingdom

A few pics of the Animal Kingdom rides


Finding Nemo musical

Pics of the Finding Nemo musical.. an amazing colourfull show

Disney World Animal Kingdom

Just a few photos of a another great a Disneyland. Today we went to Aninal Kingdon and did the Lion King musical, African Safari, Finding Nemo musical, and It's tuff being a Bug

Brett and Julie

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Day at Disney Studio and Magic Kingdom Wednesday 27 June 2012

Hi All
Big day today. Disney stidio in the am, lots of movie related shows. We saw an Indiana Jones show that also explained some of the stunts, went on a Star Wars speeder simulator, rode the Rocknrollen rollercoaster (Brett wussed out!). The girls went to Beauty and the  Beast, the boys to a car show. Everywhere very busy but ordered, you have to admire the organisation.

I would love to see their ops room and look at their forecasting and modelling!

In the evening we went to the magic kingdom, saw the light parade and the castle all lit up. Rode thunder mountain roller coaster(Brett did do this one but wishes he hadnt!).

Some photos below


B & J

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

More photos

Hi all.

A few more photos to see what we are up to. We have one of the house and the pool where we are staying, us at the airport departing, Andrew, Ian, and Rachel with the compulsory photo with troll at Epcot, and Brett and I at epcot. Big day today at the park, and we are going to universal tomorrow, apparently lots of scary rides!

photo catch up

Hi all

Our nephew Andrew has been a great help with figuring out the best app to download photos so here are a few to catch up.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Hi All
Sorry we havent posted yet. Would like to thank Jess and Ade for dropping us at the airport. Thanks to Sam and Tania to for coming to say goodbye in Auckland. . A few adventures so far. On the LA Miami leg the plane (American Airlines nothing special in the sky)was hit by lightening over the gulf of Mexico! We heard a loud muffled crump and a minute later the cabin filled with the acrid smell of burning electrics! The captain had already asked everyone including the crew to be seated and belted, this was 2/3 the way thru the last drinks service, and yes we did miss out. The plane was full and everyone is looking at each other and there  is a rising level of murmer and anxiety you could cut thru. The crew member from the back walking very purposefully up the plane to the cockpit really got our attention. The captain came on and announced that, yes, they were aware of the smell, they had run the usual checks, and we would proceed to Miami. As the only other choice was a crash landing at sea seemed like a good plan. We did land safely and it did make the news here. 
Florida is in the grip of tropical storm Debbie. It has nearly been upgraded to a hurricane, and there is also a tornado warning in place. 
Today we went shopping at the biggest Walmart in the states. We talked to one of the staff who said that it turns over  a million dollars a day! Also visited an enormous mall and got some of the  stuff we had been holding off on, particulaly some good walking sandels for B. It was raining torrentially so we were looking for something to do and stay dry. Rain is easing now and we are visiting one of the disney parks tomorrow, not sure which one but James and Wendy are the experts.
Will write again soon.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

3 Sleeps to go!!

Not long to go more before we head off on our big trip. All our stuff is spread out to make sure we have everything, now we need to fit it all in the case. Time to cull. Our cats will miss us (we think!) although a friend from work is house sitting so they will have company while we are away.