Saturday, 4 August 2012

Hong Kong

Hi All

In HK, its is very hot and humid!. Hotel is great, good view of the harbour,  tram stop right outside, mrt 1 min walk, small supermarket across the road and a few of the small bakeries that they have here that make lots of savoury bready things that are good for breakfast. This morning breakfast was a bread roll with a savoury meat filling, for 4 it was only $15 hk, which is about $4 nz.
There also lots of neighbourhood type restarants, will try one tonight.

We are exploring on the tram, as you get a good view, the mrt is fast and efficient, but you dont see anything along the way. The bonus with the mrt  is that at least its air conditioned. At the moment we are in a small cafe most of the way up the mid levels, having a break in some airconditioning, a late lunch and using the free wi fi. Wi fi at the hotel is an exorbitant 130 hk a day! Lots of the free wi fi is linked to a hk cell phone acc, so without that free wi fi is hard to find.

Cheers, am going to find a market

B & J


  1. mmm... I remember those breakfast bread rolls. They are slightly sweet and really yummy.
    Has Brett found the waffle maker yet? The one on that side street where they smother the waffles in peanut butter ?!
    A & J


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