Tuesday, 10 July 2012

in Germany

Hey guys

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Our tablet has decided to not work for some reason so I am at an internet cafe in a motor camp in germany trying to work out how to understand the language.

we had a very hot day yesterday travelling from Italy through to Malan where we picked up our campervan. to our surprise, the van that we were expecting to hire hadn't come back off hire, so we were up graded to a larger one.. was exciting at the time, but we have since found it to be a bit too big and hard to park in small towns. It has plenty of powere and we have sat on the cruz control all day today.

We spent last night at a motor camp in Como. was on the outskirts of town, and the facilities were not really up to NZ standards. you even had to provide your own toilet paper. was really hot in Como.. 34degC at 3pm and it didn't seem to drop much during the night.

We headed off this morning through Switzerland loving the roads and views. I took lots of photos and even Julie coulnt resist taking a few while I was driving. The roads were amazing.. the swiss are not afraid of boring a hole through a mountain and putting a 4 lane highway through it

We are staying the night by a lake in Fussen in Germany tonight. we intend heading to do a tour of the castle at 9am in the mornng, so will be an early start to beet the tour busses.

We head up to Dacau after that and have a look around there and pay our respects. will probably then look for a camping spot after that.

Heading for Dresden and Wolfsburg day after tommorrow ( not sure what day it is today)

hopefully we will get the tablet going so I can post some pix

cheers everyone


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